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Nuremberg, Germany

Lowensaal has never failed to be a superb concert hall to hear live acts. The stunning feel will the leave the crowd stunned. No matter where you are in the venue, which holds up to 850 people, you have a clear view of the stage. The cost of admission for every show at Lowensaal is worth it just for the stunning feel and the vivacious audience.

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Liederhalle Beethovensaal

Stuttgart, Germany

The club provides a atmosphere that will delight the audience and leave them spellbound. Every one of the 300 seats has a terrific view of the stage. The vivacious throngs of fans and the energizing atmosphere make the cost of the ticket to any performance worth it.

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Leaf Tea Shop & Bar

Liverpool, UK

Leaf on Bold Street is a unique independent tea shop and bar in the heart of Liverpool city centre. Our recent move to our new home on Bold Street expands our ethos in a space that can accommodate more and present a variety of events in a distinctive setting. Leaf on Bold Street has a unique vibe and personality, using 2 floors to deliver diversity.

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Belfast, UK

The Limelight is a bar/club geared towards indie/rock music fans. It has some of Belfast's best student nights. Look out for SHAG on Tuesday nights and fancy dress Skool Discos on the second Thursday of every month. A laid back club with a brilliant atmosphere and a cheap entry fee.

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Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel

Providence, RI

Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel is a live music venue in Providence RI. Established in 1975, Lupo's presents events of all types in a casual, intimate theater. Everyone is welcome.

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Lowell Memorial Auditorium

Lowell, MA

With its grand, Italian Renaissance Revival Architecture, six Corinthian columns and magnificent setting along the Concord River, the Lowell Memorial Auditorium is certain to create a striking first impression. The building was designed by the firm Blackall, Clapp and Whittemore and now occupies 30,000 square feet of its original 100,000 square foot lot. Flexible in its capacity to hold events from Broadway shows to trade shows, the Lowell Memorial Auditorium houses a 2,800 seat main hall, 380 seat Liberty Hall (Merrimack Repertory Theatre) and spacious Hall of Flags. The Veterans wing contains three function rooms, two with capacities of 50, and a third with a capacity of 200. When built, great pains were taken to ensure perfect acoustic sound, a trait the Lowell Memorial Auditorium has come to be renowned for.

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